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Imaginary magnetic fields

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1 Imaginary magnetic fields on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:18 pm


So today I did an experiment to measure the strength of Earth's magnetic field and it's direction, so we measured the strength in the directions, x, y, and z.

For one of our dimensions we got an imaginary number (one that involves the square root of a negative number). This was very interesting so I decided to do further research. (BTW, the value we got for the magnetic field of the Earth was a real number, since we had to square the imaginary number anyway, and the square of an imaginary number is a real number Very Happy. Our value for the magnetic field strength was about 0.00006 T lower than the actual value, and a direction of 6 degrees lower than the actual direction, so pretty close Very Happy)

So my research shows that imaginary magnetic fields are possible, and have been observed Very Happy


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