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Post Punk/Darkwave/80's + 90's Alternative + Indie/Goth/Electronic Body Music/Industrial Appreciation Thread

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This is the appreciation thread for music from the late 70's/80's/90's that fall into the following genres;
Post Punk
80's/90's Alternative+Indie
Electronic Body Music
Industrial Metal or Dance Music
Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Although genres are irrelevant, if you want to discover new music and as a means of describing various types of music, genres are somewhat necessary.

What songs do you like?

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One of my favourite songs by The Cure, called 'A Strange Day', from the album 'P*rnography' (obviously the 'o' replaces the asterisk). yep

This album was released in 1982 and epitomises the gothrock genre; as well as undoubtedly being one of my favourite albums by The Cure, and of all time. The Cure have released thirteen studio length albums since the late 1970's, with Robert Smith (vocals/guitar/other instruments including cello) being the only remaining co-founding member of The Cure that is still present in the band, with the other members being present for much of The Cure's career, or having joined in recent years.

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Intrinsically, here is a lyric video I created, for the song 'Lullaby' by The Cure, from their album 'Disintegration' (1989). Smile

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