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What is the creepiest thing to have ever happened to you?

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Have you ever had something happened that gave you the creeps and you can't explain or perhaps read something that gave you a shiver?

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My house is haunted

I see a lady in a white dress everywhere, especially when I am the only person at home.

I have heard and felt breathing on the back of my neck when sleeping, and felt something sitting on my legs when there is nothing and no-one there. There's also the constant feeling of being watched and that something bad is going to happen/has happened.

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About 10:30pm at night on a fairly quiet street i was walking home and a guy in a bright yellow car pulled round the corner, swerved off hit the kerb and crashed into a lamppost. He got out his car i went over to ask him if he was okay and he was shaking saying something about "got to get back got to get back" I asked him where, he said "To 2097, my own timeline asjdbiasdb (some weird random words sounded just like gibberish) Then he ran off and collapsed a bit up the road. I phoned an ambulance and later got told he was on massive amounts of a drug called Black Mamba

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