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Forum Rules - Read before Posting

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1 Forum Rules - Read before Posting on Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:39 am



- Use correct grammar and spelling.
- Post in the English language only (except in the Foreign Language section).
- Keep swearing to a minimum.
- Keep double posting to a minimum, unless mentioned otherwise. Some topics (mostly in the Forum Games section) allow multiple postings.
- Keep your signatures short and sensible. They may include images. Signatures must adhere to all other rules.
- Respect the moderators and their decisions. If you don't agree with a decision made by a moderator, please don't argue on the forum; instead post your complaint in the correct forum category - preferably the Ask A Moderator forum.
- Report any post or user that breaks the rules to a moderator.

You must NOT:

- Spam the forum. This includes short posts such as “OK!”, “Thanks!”, “Great!”, etc, or URLs that are completely irrelevant to the discussion.
- Bump topics 'just for a laugh' or 'because I was bored'. Also, do not bump very old topics (older than 6 months) - start a new topic instead.
- Post illegal material on the site, this includes but is not limited to: Warez, porn, shock material, illegal torrents, cracks, key generators, copy protection hacks and activation patches. This list is not exhaustive.
- Share your login details with anyone.
- Use a proxy, other than a workplace or college/university based proxy to access the site. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban without warning. Further access to the site will be prohibited.
- Have more than one account on the site without a good reason, i.e. family members/friends using the site at your location. Multiple accounts created without a good reason will result in a permanent ban, all linked accounts terminated and further access to the site will be prohibited. Registering an account after having been banned "temporarily or permanently" is not permitted and will result in all linked accounts being terminated.


The rules are not exhaustive! Please use your common sense when it comes to posting.

Warning and banning system:

- We operate a warning system to alert users to their rule breaking before issuing bans.
- Generally, 3 warnings are given before a ban, though this depends on the rule and the severity of the rule breaking. After 3 warnings, a 24 hour ban, a 48 hour ban, a 7 day ban, a 14 day ban, and finally a permanent ban will be issued. (Permanent bans are a last resort action.)
- Permanently banned users will not be permitted further access to the site.
- You may appeal warnings and bans, but they are usually given for very good reason.
- One thing that we will guarantee: we will NOT warn or ban people from this website unless the posts in question are actually posted on QQF

Homework / study help

- Post the full question, preferably providing an image and/or link.
- Do not post questions in another member's topic. If you have a question, create your own topic.
- Do not provide the full answer without putting it in spoilers. Make sure the member understands what they need to do to answer the question, don't just answer it for them
- Do not copy and paste answers or images from another website without citing your source. We would prefer the answers you give to be your own

And finally, don't forget to have fun posting. Smile

Kyx (Founder and CEO).

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