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1 Socratic.org on Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:17 am


Ever since I was banned from this website (after becoming moderator). I was banned for trolling and spamming. I explained to them that my account had been hacked into (which was true) but they still banned me anyway. Every other account I made with them has been banned, even though no trolling or spamming has occurred. No matter what IP address I use, I always seem to get banned. They even got my Google account banned when I used it to sign in as a moderator dupe (the moderator that banned me). They even delete all my answers and questions, even though they are completely fine and within the site's rules. I suggest you steer clear of this site as it is run by a group of Nazis.

Just so you know, here is my latest account on there: https://socratic.org/users/hawksteinman

This was my moderator dupe: https://socratic.org/users/becca-m-3

This was my original account (that was a moderator, and got hacked): https://socratic.org/users/kyx

This is the message I see when I try to log on as Kyx. When I log on as any of my other accounts, everything looks fine but all my edits and questions are gone, and so is my streak. When I log out of the profile page, it says 'page cannot be found' which only happens if you're banned.

'This account has been deactivated.

The account registered to kyx has been deactivated.
To request reactivation, click here to notify the Socratic team and we will get back to you shortly.'

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